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Troika is your one-stop online media hub. Our mission is to create a space for all things music, art, and pop culture that blurs the line between nostalgic and contemporary trends. 


Bret Stein (Photographer): Website

Carly Boomer (Photographer): Website, Instagram

Courtney Davis (Photographer): Website, Instagram

Leigh Ann Rodgers (Photographer): Website, Instagram, Twitter

Lily Walsh (Photographer, Artist): Website, Instagram

Janelle Choiniere (Photographer, Artist): Website, Instagram

Jessica Norwood (Photographer): Website, FlickrInstagram, Twitter

John McCurdy (Writer): Youtube, Twitter

Joey Dunst (Photographer): Website, Instagram

Joslin Keim (Photographer, Writer): WebsiteInstagram, Twitter


Ashtyn Layne


Ashtyn is a photographer and writer out of Worcester, MA. Both of her passions began as a high school student and she has spent the past few years growing as a content creator, exploring different styles and fields, working with talented content creators and loving every second of it all. She is an avid punk rock listener, comic book collector and gaming enthusiast. 

Website | Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 7.38.26 PM.png

Renee Newman


Renee is a full time commercial photographer based out of southern Massachusetts. As a life long lover of art, she draws inspiration from her experience as a hobbyist painter and sculptor, with bold colors and strong shapes in her work. She is an avid concert goer and passionate about all types of music. The music industry first peaked her interest in photography and it's been a strong connection ever since. 

Website | Instagram


Sarah Vincent

Chief Editor

Sarah Vincent is an almost-grad of Emerson College. She currently lives in Boston and is a writer and lover of psychological horror fiction. Other than that, she writes poetry and draws as other avenues to create art. She has always had a knack for grammar and language and found editing as a happy place. When not writing or editing a piece, she can be found with dogs and pastries.


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