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Janelle Choiniere



Greyhaven live in Worcester

"Greyhaven brought it to the people of Worcester and surrounding areas yet again, and we ate it up..."


Bayside at The Sinclair in Boston

"The energy in the room was high, from both the band and the crowd, and a barrier in front of the stage meant a good deal of crowd surfing would take place, and it did...."


Have Mercy in Boston

"Tuesday night was filled with bittersweet emotions as the excitement of a Have Mercy headliner clashed with sadness at the fact that this would (allegedly, I hope) be the last time they play in Boston as a band."


Motion City Soundtrack in Boston

"...Who knows what the future holds for this band? Not me, and certainly not Motion City Soundtrack - I think the future might freak them out a little bit. "Don't Call it a Comeback." Fine, I won't call it a come back. But, like, come back? Please?"


Acrylic Pours by Janelle Choiniere

"I know the pain of the chase like the back of my own hand. A hollow hole in a place that oceans of guilt could fill. I looked myself in the face; a stranger stared back at me. I've lived a life of escape from feelings I tried to kill.  But every tunnel has been graced with a light..."

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