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Acrylic Pours by Janelle Choiniere

Troika team member Janelle Choiniere has contributed her concert photography to the site in the past, but she is also a visual artist who works with acrylic pours! Check out some of her work featured below.

Of the above painting, Janelle says...

"'I know the pain of the chase like the back of my own hand. A hollow hole in a place that oceans of guilt could fill. I looked myself in the face; a stranger stared back at me. I've lived a life of escape from feelings I tried to kill. But every tunnel has been graced with a light; Every warmth had its chill. You aren't bound to the promise you made to yourself. Forgive the folly of being human.'

. . .

This is the second piece I've done as part of a series I'm doing of fluid paintings based off of my all time favorite bands, music, album art, etc. This one is based off of Artifex Pereo - Passengers (original art work by Jonny Ashcroft; song lyrics above are from 'Age of Loneliness')."

Here are a few more incredible paintings by Janelle!

Artwork by Janelle Choiniere


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