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Bayside at The Sinclair in Boston

Our photographer Janelle recently caught Bayside at their show in Boston! Check out her review and photos below, and be sure to read Gabe's review of Bayside's Interrobang!

When a band announces new music, it generally fosters excitement from fans. Of course this time was no different. One of my favorite things about new music announcements means we usually also get a release tour. When I heard that Bayside was putting out a new record, Interrobang, I couldn't wait to see when they'd be playing near me again. November 16 at The Sinclair in Boston? Pff, yeah, I'm there.

They started off the night with their title track "Interrobang," and from there played a good variety of both new and old music. Favorites such as "Blame it on Bad Luck," "Walking Wounded," and "Killing Time" had the audience singing along to every word. The energy in the room was high, from both the band and the crowd, and a barrier in front of the stage meant a good deal of crowd surfing would take place, and it did. At this particular venue, the sound is always superb and this night was no different.

My favorite part of the night was, of course, the encore. I discovered Bayside in 2005 when an old Victory Rec. sampler fell into my hands that contained the song "Masterpiece." Though they didn't play that song this time around (surprisingly), they did play another from my second favorite record of theirs, Sirens and Condolences. When I heard the opening riff to "Just Enough To Love You" I was incredibly and was not at all disappointed by the performance. And of course they closed out the night with none other than the song that Anthony Raneri himself told the crowd this is what it's all about - "Devotion and Desire."

All in all it was one of my favorite Bayside sets I've ever seen. If you haven't picked up Interrobang yet, make sure you get on that ASAP!

Photos and Review by Janelle Choiniere


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