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My Chemical Romance - TD Garden

Wednesday September 7th, 2022. Article by Sarah Vincent, Photos by Renee Newman

For some people sitting in TD Garden, they had been waiting over 2.5 years for this moment. My Chemical Romance – finally playing live after Covid had pushed back their tour dates by two entire years.

For me, I thought about myself as a little 8 year old child who had her parents blasting The Black Parade on the way to violin practice. I think about being called weird or emo because of my choice in music and never getting any of my friends to really catch on. I remember when my parents bought tickets to see MCR when I was a child but then decided I was probably too young to be in a setting like that.

And then they broke up. And I thought that I’d never be able to see them live.

And then they announced a tour. And then Covid happened. And it truly felt like I was never going to get the chance.

Until last night. When I sat listening to the energetic and nostalgic openers – Bad Flower and Thursday. Both bands started the night off strong and built up the excitement for MCR.

You could feel the energy start to shift as MCR got closer and closer to coming on. People were anticipating probably the best night of their life, jumping around with smiles from ear to ear, discussing which songs they hoped were played. They were decked out in band tees from 20 years ago, ripped jeans, and all black with face paint and the signature black winged eyeliner. Everyone reconnected with their early 2000s emo era, shedding off the boring clothing of modern day corporate adult lifestyle.

I mean, we all screamed and cheered for the man cleaning up the stage prior to MCR even coming on. People were just happy to be there and to be experiencing their music, likely for the first time ever.

Then, the music started, people rose from their seats and waited – for almost 10 minutes before the lights finally dimmed. Everyone began yelling and cheering and clapping and waiting… as The Foundations of Decay began to play. So far, it has seemed that MCR was opening with this song but the rest of the set list was a mystery.

Gerard Way came out in an all black, skin tight, bodysuit, white face paint and thick black eye makeup, giving off vampiric vibes with a touch of Black Swan. His slicked back hair and deep set eyes could be seen from the entire stadium and only enhanced the overall performance.

When they played I’m Not Okay (I Promise) second, I knew we were in for a crazy setlist. It was incredible how crisp and clean they sounded live, with intense guitar solos by Ray Toro that people went crazy for. MCR did not miss, not even once.

From up in the crowd you could see people head banging, throwing up their arms, jumping up and down, and screaming lyrics that clearly held so much meaning to them. No matter how many years you waited to see them live, it was completely worth it in the end.

If I could see this band live for every year that I’m alive for the rest of my life, I would in a heartbeat. I couldn’t thank them enough for being such a huge part of my childhood and for shaping me into the weirdo that I am today! See you on the next tour ;)

(There better be one!)

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