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Lily Walsh



(Japanese) Breakfast in Boston

"Japanese Breakfast’s “Paprika” sent magnificent waves through an eager crowd on Friday night at Boston’s Royale Nightclub as lead musician Michelle Zauner effortlessly hit a shining gong without missing a note in her smooth vocals..."


"Closed Until Further Notice" by Lily Walsh

"My hometown feels different now, as I return from school during this unnatural time. I said quick goodbyes to my friends in Boston and have yet to greet my friends in Columbus, although I've been here a few weeks now..."


Summer Salt at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club

"...Summer Salt gave fans the imaginary vacation they needed last night as we look toward colder days ahead. With songs like “Driving to Hawaii,” “Candy Wrappers,” and “Sweet to Me,” the indie/tropical band seamlessly created a nostalgic and romantic environment..."


Zack Villere in Cambridge

"'So does everyone here go to Harvard?' Zack Villere asked the crowd while tuning his guitar. The Louisiana-born singer-songwriter formerly known as Froyo Ma charmed fans with a mixture of sounds last night during his first show in Cambridge, MA."


Dijon in Boston

"Opened by upbeat synth-funk artist Deaton Chris Anthony, Dijon Duenas wooed an eager-eared crowd on Saturday night with an intimate show at The Red Room @ Cafe 939..."


Caamp in Boston

"The down-home folk band's catch-phrase, 'Ohio boys making beautiful noise' described the energy of the show perfectly."


"Construction" by Lily Walsh

"I am documenting construction in the greater Boston area in an attempt to humanize the work - I feel like people often look down upon construction and complain about it, and I wanted to try to make it look beautiful and to see if from a new angle." - Lily Walsh

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