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Summer Salt at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club

Opened by Breakup Shoes and Covey, Summer Salt gave fans the imaginary vacation they needed last night as we look toward colder days ahead. With songs like “Driving to Hawaii,” “Candy Wrappers,” and “Sweet to Me,” the indie/tropical band seamlessly created a nostalgic and romantic environment of smooth vocals and rhythms, throwing listeners back into summer and making them reminisce about “kicking back [and] feeling lazy.”

Summer Salt began when lead singer/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer Eugene Chung left their roots in Dallas, Texas, and headed to Austin where they became local favorites after the release of their 2014 EP Driving to Hawaii. Shortly after this debut came a second EP, So Polite (2017), which holds the fan favorite “Revvin’ My Cj7.” Next came Happy Camper in 2018, followed by Honeyweed and Favorite Holiday, Vol 1 in 2019 and EP Avenue G in 2020, with singles mixed in along the way.

Joined on tour now by supporting musicians Winston Triolo and Anthoney Barnett, the group has set off with their most recent album, Sequoia Moon (2021), which highlights themes of leaving and longing. Terry stated in an interview, “There’s a lot of running away on this album,” as it traces some of the band’s history and touches on transitions with songs like “Trouble in Paradise.” This is the band’s first tour since the pandemic, and they are hopeful that “other people can relate to [their] stories and [that Sequoia Moon will] bring them some peace this summer” (Chung).

This week, the tour will continue with upcoming shows in Holyoke, Pittsburgh, Lakewood, and Detroit, leaving Boston admirers with an extra pep in their step. Can’t make it to a show? You can still let the breezy band take you away on an auditory holiday by listening at home – just sit back and smell the salt.

by Lily Walsh


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