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Up All Night - Alex Siegel (Single Review)

Former studio musician and accomplished songwriter for other projects, Alex Siegel has begun his bedroom pop takeover of the world. His newest single “Up All Night” is just the latest arm reaching for his share of the bedroom pop chips on the musical poker table. 

Some of the electronic flairs sound very ‘90s, complemented by a beautiful flutter of ‘80s muzak vibes that are way too happy to be classified as vaporwave. Despite the song title, there’s a very diurnal atmosphere the song creates, like the soundtrack to driving somewhere like California (or anywhere with consistent weather). The song does have a very constant dynamic, despite instruments and melodies interchanging. While listening, I found myself having no idea where the song was more than once. “Up All Night” is a song too long to have the same feeling the whole time, but too short to really mix it up. The drum arrangement is also strong, but the tone was a bit harsh for the relaxing aesthetic the rest of the song goes for. Alex Siegel has made a great hit for your chill spotify playlist, but you might find yourself moving on to another song after a couple listens…

...and that’s totally okay.


Written by Gabe Straight


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