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The Midnight in Cincinnati, Ohio

photo Gallery and Review by Janelle

Kicking off their second night of the tour, the room was packed at Bogart's in Cincinnati, OH for The Midnight's return to the stage for this run. The energy in the room was absolutely electric, as fans were properly pumped to hear all of their favorite songs which included "Deep Blue", "Good in Red", "America 2", and "Sunset" among many others. There was a sense of togetherness as well, as pointed out by singer Tyler Lyle of The Midnight, since many in the audience are just now returning to venues to see their favorite musicians after such a long time away. Be sure to catch The Midnight, and the band Nightly who is on tour with them, at the dates below!

March 9 - Nashville

March 10 - Chicago

March 11 - Chicago

March 12 - Minneapolis

March 14 - Milwaukee

March 15 - Indianapolis

March 16 - Pittsburgh

March 18 - Detroit

March 19 - Toronto

March 21 - Boston Royale

March 23 - Washington, DC

March 24 - New York City

March 25 - Philadelphia

March 28 - Richmond

March 29 - Raleigh

March 30 - Asheville

April 1 - Atlanta

April 2 - Orlando

April 3 - Miami

The Midnight



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