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The Medicine Tour Delivers A Dose of Live Music to Worcester

WORCESTER, MA —The Medicine Tour certainly gave everyone in attendance a much needed dose of quality live music. From beginning to end, the room was filled with an energy that never died down, proving just how perfect the lineup was.

Point North, the pop-punk band from Los Angeles, kicked off the night with their hit “Never Coming Home”and performed a high-energy, hair-flipping set. Though they only have a handful of singles and one EP out, they perform like a fully-developed band.

Bouncy rock band from Chicago, Belmont, put out some of the best new music we’ve seen in a while and followed it up with a killer performance. A band that is both fun to watch and incredibly talented, they’re going to be the headliners on a tour this size within the next few years. Songs like their new single “By My Side” challenge the structure of songwriting and target a new audience by adding trap hats under their catchy riffs. If they’re not on your radar yet, you’re missing out on something special.

The crowd loved Set It Off almost as much as they loved the crowd. Vocalist Cody Carson, is a master of interacting with fans and crowdsurfers when they go by and also jumped into the crowd at one point - something a lot of artists are hesitant to do nowadays. Everyone on stage was fun to watch as they have a stage presence that is unmatched and music that is catchy enough to get the room off of their feet, whether they knew the words or not.

Sleeping With Sirens never fails to disappoint. A perfectly choreographed and executed performance is only to be expected from these seasoned touring vets. Crowdsurfer after crowdsurfer were rolling to the front of the venue throughout the set and giving security a run for their money. Performing a combination of new and old material, they hit the nail on the head with the setlist and nobody left disappointed. Very few times does such a strong lineup come around, and I’m certain that this tour will be one that is remembered and reflected on for many years to come.

Photos and Article by Leigh Ann Rodgers


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