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Sizzy Rocket Releases New Music Video for Single "Smells Like Sex"

If anyone is taking advantage of this stay-at-home order, its alternative pop/rock musician Sizzy Rocket.

While stuck inside, the singer grabbed a camera to film a sex tape-style music video for her newest single “Smells Like Sex”. The video is evocative of trailblazing icons such as Britney Spears or Madonna: talented women unafraid to create controversial art, especially when it comes to embracing their own sexuality. This kind of art is exactly what we need in this tumultuous age of still policing women's bodies; it is a RiotGrrrl style “f*** you” to the patriarchy. This attitude does not often gain traction in the pop field of the music industry, so we support Sizzy wholeheartedly in all of her hot endeavors.

Sizzy Rocket is often referred to as the cool best friend you wished you had, and that certainly shines through in this video. It is a powerful way to engage with fans at a time where many musicians are struggling to do so. 

If you haven’t yet, check out the video now on Youtube to see what all the buzz is about! Sizzy pushes the boundaries around what it means to be a pop artist in America today, and this surely is not the last we’ll be hearing from her.

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Written by Caroline Moll


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