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Original Me - Yungblud: Single Review

The first track I ever heard by YUNGBLUD was a cover of Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You into the Dark” with Halsey on triple j, and I really enjoyed it. The first time I heard his original music was “Loner”, also on triple j, and it didn’t stick with me as much. I will say YUNGBLUD is teaching me about generational gap and culture shock. If I was twelve and heard Mr. BLUD for the first time, you bet your ass I’m stealing my sister’s eyeliner and doing nothing with my hair after I get out of bed. Being twenty two years old and no longer needing to hate my parents, YUNGBLUD doesn’t hit me with the same weight as his admittedly target audience. His cockney accent makes him sound like a cartoon character, so much so that I can barely get past it on any song of his. 

With his new song “original me”, the singer/rapper/musician/international sensation teams up with singer of (rock music’s Hyundai commercial soundtrack) Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds. Here’s what you need to know, if your first concert was the Chainsmokers and you’re just learning about Hot Topic, you’re going to love this song to death. “original me” has all the angst a kid could need, and manages to pull in many different sounds and instruments (real or not) in a small amount of time. Both Reynolds and Mr. BLUD have their own moments of screaming at the top of their lungs about how much of a loser they are and how they want to be someone different. 

I am not ten years younger, and this song was not made for me. I appreciate what the song stands for, and can’t wait to hear it in the next “Riverdale” episode. You will find me in the corner thinking about how twenty one pilots could’ve pulled off the song better.


Written by Gabe Straight


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