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NEW SINGLE “May The Odds Be In Your Favor” by Meet Me @ The Altar

Energy: an essential part of every great song. Also a core element in the new single “May The Odds Be In Your Favor” by the all-woman pop-punk trio Meet Me @ The Altar that came out in April. The song starts off with powerful, belting lyrics and a strong drum entrance — something easy to bang your head to. There are many challenges in creating alternative music in a scene so heavily overpowered by white male voices, but bands like Meet Me @ The Altar make me hopeful that there will be new, creative, and talented musicians coming to the forefront. I remember growing up and seeking out female artists specifically because of the comfort in knowing girls were making the music I liked — it wasn’t only for men!

In an interview with Téa, the guitar/bass for Meet Me @ The Altar, we discussed the lyrics a little more, to which Téa said that the lyrics were written with the intention of letting, “other people going through the same thing [to] know they're not alone.” Musicians are faced with the challenge of making something people want to listen to, and continue to listen to. This song speaks volumes to this challenge, and to many others that come with pursuing your passion. I think that this song shows the bands passion and power, both with their lyrics and with the sound they bring to the scene. I’m excited that I was able to write this up while the song played on a loop in the background. Give this song a listen, it has a great sound, it will make you move, and it’s trying to tell you something! More is coming from this band, so don’t miss out.

To read the interview with Téa, keep scrolling!

An Interview with Téa from Meet Me @ The Altar

Sarah: Thanks for taking some time out of this really busy time to answer some questions! Could you start by introducing yourselves and your roles in the band? And also where you are all from!

Téa: I'm Téa and I play guitar/bass for us. I'm unfortunately a Floridian. Edith is our vocalist and is from Georgia, and Ada is our drummer and is from New Jersey.

S: How long have you been a band?

T: We formed in 2015 and it used to be just Ada and I. We had members come and go until 2017 when Edith joined the band. We've been going strong ever since.

S: Is this the first song that you have released this year? What else are you working on?

T: May The Odds Be In Your Favor is the first song we've released this year, but we have two more singles dropping very soon. We're currently working on our debut album which we're super excited about!

S: What was the creation process like for “May The Odds Be In Your Favor”?

T: Since we live in different states, we write our songs remotely. I remember ideas for the song popping into my head in my college dorm and I would wait for my roommate to leave the room so I could work on it. When I came up with the instrumental I sent it over to Edith and when she sent back a melody I knew we HAD to use it.

S: Could you tell me more about the meaning behind the lyrics? What was your ultimate goal of putting out this single?

T: At the time of writing this, and still today, I was feeling insecure about the state of the band and what was even in store for us because it felt like every time we tried to make strides, we were met with people discouraging us and basically saying we're not good enough. I know we're not the only people who have been made to feel like there's no chance we'll be successful, so I wanted to write May The Odds so that other people going through the same thing know they're not alone.

S: Are you together or separated currently? Have you been using the quarantine to work on more music projects?

T: We are currently separated which is our norm, so not much has changed for us because of quarantine. We've been doing a LOT of work behind the scenes in every possible aspect for an artist. We've also been writing new music which we're very proud of and can't wait to share with the world.

S: What else can we expect from you guys this year?

T: Expect more singles and new creative directions involving our music and look as a band.

S: Lastly, do you have specific musical influences that you feel come out in your music?

T: We all have personal influences and influences as a whole. Our latest songs aren't really influenced by any specific artists because we're really honing in on our own sound and trying to make music that's different from other bands in the scene.

You can listen to “May The Odds Be In Your Favor” here.

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Review and interview by Sarah Vincent, Chief Editor


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