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Nella Vita Tour Part II in Worcester

Just a few months after appearing in the state for part one of the Nella Vita tour, Grayscale was welcomed back to Massachusetts into the open arms of a sold out show at the Worcester Palladium.

Their show in Boston back in 2019 was amazing; from the production to the crowd to the stage presence, Grayscale put on a show that would not be soon forgotten. Many attendees of this show returned for this encore performance with high expectations. To no one's surprise, the tour surpassed all of them.

Lurk kicked the night off with an energy packed performance. Though many in the crowd did not seem to be familiar with their music prior to the show, I am sure I was not the only one to add them to my Spotify playlist after hearing their set. This band performed with the confidence and delivery of a headlining act. Their punk sound and animated presence led perfectly into the next opener, WSTR.

A pop punk band from out of the country, WSTR has come through New England numerous times in the past year, blowing away the crowd every time they do. This band always brings the energy, and the crowd always gives it right back. Crowd surfers and stage divers were certainly not shy as the band performed some fan favorites both old and new. WSTR has hit the ground running in terms of growing their audience, and I am sure we will be seeing much more from them in the future.

Although Grayscale was the night's headliner, one could've been easily fooled when Hot Mulligan hit the stage. It seemed that everyone in the pit knew every word to the entire setlist top to bottom. As a band who has only skyrocketed in success recently, it is clear that fans are loving everything about them, from their unique sound to their quick paced performances. Their couldn't have been a better act to lead into the headliner.

Finally, Grayscale took the Worcester stage. From the second the music started, audience participation never dipped. From crowdsurfing to singing loudly to shining flashlights during the slow songs, the crowd knew how to let the band know they were loving it. With their newest album, Nella Vita, being their most upbeat and pop-focused one yet, the Palladium turned into one big dance party. Everyone, whether in the crowded pit or far up in the balcony, was having the time of their life. Grayscale always comes ready to impress, blowing away all expectations, and this show in Worcester was no exception.


Hot Mulligan:



Photographs and review by Caroline Moll


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