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Losing My Religion - The Wonder Years: Single Review

Yay, cover time! 

As someone who plays in a cover band, I have an admittedly soft spot for remakes of older songs., and Philly’s own The Wonder Years stepped up. Hearing the “Losing My Religion” original by R.E.M., it makes perfect sense why The Wonder Years would do the song; melodically, it’s a couple distorted guitars away from a mosh-friendly banger. Enter Soupy (fan favorite nickname for lead singer, Dan Campbell) and friends. Longtime fans won’t get any curveballs, and that’s just the way we like it. The piano in the background provides a beautiful accent to the choruses. What The Wonder Years have, and R.E.M. does not, is a much needed sense of dynamics. The parts in “Losing My Religion” are much clearer and pack far more of a punch. There isn’t anything about this new cover to complain about. 

Everything you know and love about The Wonder Years is here. For those who want a new coat of paint on an alt essential need look no further; the same goes for the old heads looking for a way into the newest wave of alt rock.

Review by Gabe Straight


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