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Hockey Dad in Winnipeg

"Although Winnipeg has been facing some pretty frigid temperatures the past little while,

there was no doubt in my mind that audience members of this show were all in for some

sunshine this Friday evening as Hockey Dad, from New South Wales, Australia brought their

warmth to The Garrick Centre.

Listeners were nothing short of eager to make it right up to the stage as the lights began

to dim, and before you knew it everyone was moving, (sometimes moshing), smiling, and

singing along. The way Hockey Dad was able to perform and express both their excitement for their Canadian tour, as well as their shared passion for music, definitely had an influence on the audience. Their energy was perfectly dispersed into the old theatre and was absorbed by everyone watching. I’d say this show could honestly be perfectly described as therapeutic - for not only myself as a photographer, but also for all the members of the audience who decided to let loose and forget about everything else for a moment. Watching the genuinely exciting reactions from the crowd during this performance was almost equally entertaining as the show, which I think speaks for itself!"

Review and photographs by Carly Boomer


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