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Imagine by Ann Liang

Imagine if we woke up and forgave

ourselves for all the glasses of 

milk we spilt, the shattered plates,

the shattered hearts, the impulsive

kitchen-scissor haircuts. 

all the times our words clattered

against our teeth, came out twisted

and barbed with envy. 

all the mistakes we made

because we were young

and didn’t know any better—and later, 

because we did know better but still

wished to live unafraid like the young. 

and all the forest fires we started

but couldn’t put out ourselves. that we 

continued to let burn because we were too proud

to ask for help. 

Imagine how much easier 

it would be to see ourselves

in the mirror without 

being swallowed by the old tides

of self-loathing. 

Imagine how much softer

this shark-teeth world

would seem.

Ann Liang

Ann Liang (@notesandnovels on Instagram) is a 19-year-old aspiring writer and avid reader who’s spent her life moving back and forth across the sea between China and Australia. 


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