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Where I Belong - Simple Plan, State Champs, and We The Kings: Album Review

Holy Hot Topic, Batman! My initial reaction to the existence of this song, hyped-up over social media, was: “Who’s playing what part of the songs?” It makes when multiple EDM producers work on a song, where they can work on multiple layers. Someone in the studio must’ve been warming the couch more than laying down tracks.

Whatever the case it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this song is really, really, really, fun. “Where I Belong” incorporates all the best elements of the three bands: Simple Plan’s pop-infused melodies, State Champs’ next-generation riffs, We The Kings’ electronic layering. The flow of the song is done so well. It’s catchy and powerful: a beautiful throwback for any kid who doesn’t want to wait for Emo Night to put the MCR background on their phone. A certified bop. 

It does have to be said that this song is a super niche song. If you aren’t a passionate fan of pop-punk, this song won’t resonate nearly as much as with the intended audience. To a mainstream generation lacking in pop-punk, “Where I Belong” might get passed on by the very generation who needs it the most. But it’s our job to get it out there. It’s up to you, yes you. Call up your local alternative radio station until they block your number and demand this song get regular play. Paint your own billboards, put the song on repeat as you sleep. The “SPSCWTK” revolution will be won. Thank you for your role in making it happen. See you guys for the New Found Glory/Knuckle Puck/Metro Station collab coming early next year!


Review by Gabe Straight


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