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Brucey Boi’s new single “Welcome to the 20s”

With a fitting title, released during a very fitting time, Brucey Boi’s new single “Welcome to the 20s” invokes suspense which is juxtaposed against the listeners attraction to the intensity. Drawn in by the long introduction, the music is sultry — but there is an element of fear and toxicity that exists throughout the song that creates tension for the listener. The movement of the song is reminiscent of tides coming and going, to someone being pulled in two different directions.

(Brucey Boi photographed by Caroline Metz)

When the vocals come in, there is an eerie melody that carries through the music. Your body feels like swaying to this melody, but there is still an element of surprise that the percussion brings to the background, jolting the listener away from mindlessness. This song is a visceral experience of the exhaustion that many people have been feeling since entering 2020, but it also highlights the allure that being in your twenties brings, yet ultimately fails to achieve. You think that when you are 20 you’re about to enter the most blissful time of your life, but it’s more unpredictable and overwhelming. This song reminds me of the feeling of realizing that being in my twenties isn’t the end-all be-all. I’m excited to see what he does next.

His new single came out over the weekend, you can listen to “Welcome to the 20s” on all streaming services. Give it a listen and reminisce a bit.

(Cover Art for “Welcome to the 20s”)

Brucey Boi’s Instagram: bruceygoosie


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