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Vexed by Heavy Hearts: Single Review

In a recent interview with Heavy Hearts, the band stated they were moving away from their past emo style towards a new sound in their newest album. If their latest release is any reflection of what is to come, it seems as though they are doing just that, and we are here for it.

With a lone guitar riff followed by hushed vocals, a simplistic opening builds perfectly into the more complex writing that makes Vexed so enthralling. The vocals pick up, professing into a more complex mesh of hard hitting drums and standout riffs.

Lines like “disappoints me, but I’m not surprised” and “you were a trend that I followed” are just amongst the many that perfectly convey a sense of anger and betrayal, while still maintaining composure throughout. It is highly emotional, without losing itself in the words. Aspects of the song are balanced in such a way that nothing is overpowered, yet all have their chances to shine through.

Heavy Hearts clearly has the ability to create a tight, yet explosive track. Vexed shows the band’s ability to take a risk and create something unique, and it pays off. This single should absolutely be on any alt rock style playlist you have. We are certainly looking forward to hearing what else this up-and-coming band has in store.

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Review by Caroline Moll


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