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Sundressed on community and their newest single "Home Remedy"

It's no secret that most every person is struggling with their health right now. Whether it be physically or mentally, being stuck inside while a pandemic wreaks havoc can be devastating to our well-being. However, it's at times like these, when we feel like we're isolated and stuck, that we can look to music for a sense of belonging

With their new song, Atlanta-based emo punk band Sundressed has portrayed that emotion well in their newest single, "Home Remedy". With lyrics like "I'm questioning symptoms and signs of relief" and "I'm not getting better but I'm not getting worse", the track paints a vivid picture of what many of us are feeling: confusion and frustration. Not only are the lyrics relatable, but they offer a sense of comfort in their ability to provide a sense of togetherness while we all have the chance to bond over our everyday struggles.

The intro melody is upbeat, hinting at a feel good song following the trend of alt-rock dance tracks. As it progresses, however, the fast-paced riff fades, giving way to a more simple instrumentation, which pairs perfectly with the sardonic lyrics. Fans of emo/pop punk bands such as Modern Baseball (RIP) or Remo Drive are sure to love this one.

We spoke with frontman Trevor Hughes about the new single and what Sundressed has been up to! Check out what he had to say below.

Where did the inspiration for "Home Remedy" come from?

It honestly came from my personal journey of trying to get healthier mentally and physically, and the struggles that come with that. 

"Home Remedy" is full of lyrics many listeners can surely relate to. What message do you want those listeners to take away from the track?

I always want to make listeners feel less alone. I also hope they can find some hope in knowing what I have gotten through. 

What does your typical writing process look like?

Usually starts with a melody and one line, then I’ll write all the lyrics and loosely structure it and send to the guys to put their stamps on it! 

The quote in your Spotify ("We're all in this weird world together") has a sense of unity to it. How does that tie into the story your band is trying to tell with your music?

Community is a huge theme of our band, I’ve seen fans become friends at our shows. I’ve seen them become vulnerable to us and each other and that’s what this band is all about! 

How have you been staying busy during this pandemic?

I’ve been working cleaning pools and making coffee. I’ve also had a ton of work to do around this new release! 

Do you have a favorite song to play live?

Probably a new one called “no thanks” 🤭

If you put together a highlight reel of your favorite moments together as a band, what would be on it?

-Meeting Chris Carrabba and being invited by him to play a sundressed song on stage at a dashboard show

-8123 fest 

-first full US diy 6 week tour 

-playing a show on an airplane for Southwest Airlines 

If your band had a theme song (not one of your own), what would it be?

The Menzingers - After the Party 

"Home Remedy" is now available for streaming!

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Written by Caroline Moll


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