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Single Review: "Not Even Over" by Jason Ebbs

The newest single from Boston-based musician Jason Ebbs serves as a reminder that summer isn’t canceled just yet. The song, titled “Not Even Over,” incorporates elements reminiscent of summer anthem artists such as Grouplove or Passion Pit, with a more psychedelic twist.

“Not Even Over” is an upbeat track full of high energy instrumentals entwined with emotional lyrics. Despite being a danceable rock/pop song, there is still a sense of intimacy in the story it is telling. The last line of the chorus, “if it’s not even over, why did I move on,” has enough power to convey the message of the song on its own, and it’s one we can identify with. Through strong writing and musicality, Jason shines a spotlight on beach music, a style that does not get enough love in this day and age.

In past albums, Jason has established his surf rock meets lo-fi pop style. His latest release serves as yet another display of his ability to take this unique style he has created and run with it. The use of fun, bouncy guitar riffs and dominant, energetic synths gives way to an interesting dynamic throughout the track that he only accentuates further with lyrics that may sound crazy on the surface but, deep down, we know we all relate to. This is definitely not a sound we hear often, and we’re here for it.

"Not Even Over" is now available to stream! Check it out on your favorite platform, and see the links below for more info:

Review by Caroline Moll


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