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Romeo - Remo Drive (Single Review)

Ah, the glorious punch a pop punk song brings. 

Remo Drive, spring chickens in the alt rock scene, brings yet another banger with “Romeo”. The opening riffs are passionate; the synth pad overlay throughout the song is strong and the chorus is catchy as all hell. Remo Drive has certainly crafted something that deserves to stick out. The largest issue I have with “Romeo” is the places at which they slow down. In the bridge, the band builds up to this epic refrain, but after the singer screams on repeat “I never!” the song essentially softens. There are also breaks throughout the song between the verses and chorus that came off as deadwood, rather than a break before the chaos. There was also something in vocalist Erik Paulson’s tone that didn’t quite match. He had some standout moments throughout the song, but the lack of body in his voice resonated with me the whole time. 

Now, don’t get me wrong; “Romeo” is a damn fun, catchy song, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. 


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