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Album Review: Warriors by Rews

This modern musical era of empowering rock is full of impressive, emerging voices. One to be on the lookout for is Northern Irish band, Rews.

Rews is set to release their sophomore album Warriors this week. The album is full of passionately delivered anthems, with themes such as resilience, growth, and self-confidence discussed throughout.

Immediately, we are introduced to the album with "Birdsong". This powerful track is both uplifting and strong, with proud lyrics and hard-hitting percussion setting the pace for the rest of Warriors. It is an impressive introduction, and one that is supported by each following track. The song's "rising from the ashes" theme continues throughout the album.

As we are pushed along through Warrior's beautifully controlled chaos, we receive the dreamy rock track "Move On". The simplicity of the instrumentals are matched by vocalist Shauna Tohill's soft spoken lyrics. It carries the same themes discussed earlier, but with more aggression in the tone. The words "you never really knew me at all" are enough to convey the fed-up and self-empowering message behind the song. It's the track you'll have on repeat; the one you didn't know you need until you heard it.

The album ends with the slightly more relaxed track, "Bad Habits". It carries a more tempered grunge sound, and is the perfect ending to Warriors. It is the final proof that the band was able to carry the promised power throughout the entire album.

Rews seems to be bringing back a sound that has not received the amount of love and care it deserves lately. It is reminiscent of other alternative rock trailblazers such as Halestorm or The Pretty Reckless. This definitely won't be the last we hear from Rews, and the album release will certainly grab the attention of new and returning fans.

Warriors will be released on Friday, August 7th. Look for it on your favorite streaming platform! Their latest music video for "Today We're Warriors" can also be found below.

Written by Caroline Moll


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