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Rags and Riches on their creative process and newest release 'Edge of Time'

"...we always like to say this band has no genre and we will go any direction that the wind blows."

Rags and Riches, hailing from Lexington, KY, aims to be genre bending in their energetic and powerful sound. "Edge of Time" proves they are able of accomplishing just this.

This new single combines indie, pop, and rock influences to create an inspiring track. To get the full experience of this song, we highly recommend checking out the music video released alongside it. Combining dynamic choreography with a strong beat and simply heartening lyrics, the video is the perfect visual for a track that deserves to be represented beautifully.

We sat down with Rags and Riches to discuss their creative process, experiences as performers, and of course, their new single.

Can you describe the creative process that went into bringing "Edge of Time" to life?

The song writing for this one was interesting. I had the lyrics and melody since June of 2019. Peyton wasn’t really to start on the music until after we got back from our 68 day tour in December. The song came together like clock work and ended up being one of the fastest tracks we have released.

Your bio on Spotify describes your sound as "adrenalized". Can you speak to how you incorporate that energy into your music?

Absolutely, we pour our hearts into every song, but as we are tracking we also design the live show performance. This has us bouncing off the walls in the studio!

Which of your songs did you have the most fun writing? Which do you have the most fun performing?

I would say writing ‘Speed of Sound’ still was such a blast to write. It was the first song we wrote together for RAGS AND RICHES. It will always be a special song to us. As far as performing, there is an unreleased song called ‘Victim’ that we love to perform every night! The energy and meaning behind that song is like no other!

If you had to make a highlight reel of some of your favorite moments as a group, what would be on it?

Great question... I would say there are three specific favorite moments for us. First, has to be our first show in Lexington, KY. After working over 2 years on these songs before playing a single show made the night exhilarating! Secondly, would have to be our first time in Seattle. This city was amazing and not rainy, on top of that the show was completely packed wall to wall with huge music fans who embraced us and made that night memorable! Lastly, enjoying the tour life. The memories and people we have met within this first year is inspiring and will stick with us for a lifetime.

What does being a part of the music industry mean to you?

It is something Peyton and I have always wanted to be a part of. We love the “family” we have made within the industry. Overall, very thankful to be in the music industry.

If your duo had a theme song (not one of your own) what would it be?

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, we always like to say this band has no genre and we will go any direction that the wind blows.

Be sure to check out "Edge of Time" now on your preferred streaming service!

Article. by Caroline Moll


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