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Q&A with Heavy Hearts

Canadian alternative rock band Heavy Hearts has been killing it release after release since their debut EP back in 2013. With their emotionally evocative lyrics and polished sound, this up and comer is certainly making their mark around the world. Now that the new decade is now in full swing, they have a new single coming out in just a few days. In anticipation for this exciting new release, we sat down with band members Justin Glatt and Jamie Gorman to discuss their creative process, past releases, journey as a band, and more! Check out the Q&A below.

What does your songwriting process look like?

This record was different than anything else we’ve ever done. Usually, it’s an idea and we all get together and play with it, but this time we had a couple of small ideas that we brought to the studio and put them together there.

What was the inspiration behind your newest single, Vexed?

The idea for Vexed started while we were out on tour. We all started playing around with a riff I had during sound check and then put together a demo for it later on. It was one of the only songs that had any real structure before we went to the studio.

Which of your songs did you have the most fun writing? Which do you have the most fun performing? 

There’s a song that’s solely based around piano on the new record that got pieced together in a weird way. The demo idea we brought in got completely turned around. Multiple times in the recording process, things got added and taken away to the point where no one really knew what the outcome was going to be until we heard the finished product.

When you look back on your past releases, do you see a progression from your older style to your sound now?

Yes. Our earlier releases are definitely a lot simpler and easier to digest on one listen. Most of the focus was on the choruses of each song, whereas now, on our newer material, we’re still making sure all of the choruses are great but also adding in other intricacies that you might not pick up on with only one listen.

From where have you drawn inspiration to create your emo/alternative rock style?

I don’t really think any of us consider ourselves to be an emo band anymore. We all have completely different kinds of music that we’re into and draw inspiration from, having our songwriting come from all these different places helps give us our sound. We’ve been trying to push ourselves further away from the emo brand for a little while now and it’s extremely apparent on the new record.

How do you work conveying certain emotions in your sound?

I think the lyrics are definitely at the forefront in trying to convey any kind of emotions for listeners. The lyrics on the new record are a lot more personal and to the point than some of our earlier releases. 

If you had to make a highlight reel of some of your favorite moments as a band, what would be on it?

Going to the UK and seeing people singing along to our songs would definitely be at the top. Getting to the point where we’ve been able to record a second full length. Touring in general has been a highlight for the band. We’re grateful that we’ve been able to travel to new places because of our music.

What have been some of your most difficult struggles in trying to grow as a band?

Currently, everyone in the band lives in different parts of Ontario. With distance and multiple artistic endeavours included, it can become difficult to have everyone’s schedules line up. But once we’re all together, we get reminded of how good of a collective we are.

What do you love most about making music together?

We’ve all been friends for a long time and we’ve luckily found a balance where we all  musically gel together. It’s always been a good experience shutting ourselves out to the point where we aren’t thinking about anything but writing songs.

If your band had a theme song (not one of your own) what would it be?

Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney

Heavy Hearts releases Vexed on January 17th. Check back then for another post on the single, and for links on where it can be streamed!


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