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Powerful new music video by Layke out now!

Art is often used as a way to capture a moment in time—whether that be an emotional, mental, or physical moment. It can be viewed at different perspectives that alter the meaning and impact, sometimes different from what the artist had intended. Right now, music, photographs, literature, etc., have been reflecting the extremely charged energy that is pumping throughout the world. In pop/EDM artist Layke’s most recent music video for her new single “Bad Things”, you can feel energy in the emotion behind her lyrics and within the movement of the video.

I was able to ask Layke about the creative process behind the creation of this song. She said that after “getting negativity from some people around [her] about [her] bisexuality/pansexuality” that led to her feeling “very unaccepted and unloved”, she translated those raw emotions from those unfortunate moments into the lyrics and “Bad Things” soon came about. For many struggling with their personal identity in any way, music is often one source of comfort, with lyrics speaking the listeners own truths. I can only imagine that for Layke, the process of creating this song and video would be extremely therapeutic—taking a moment to really think about how the world perceives people and projects their beliefs onto them. These lyrics ask questions many of us are constantly thinking: Why should I be ashamed? and Why do we even judge? 

The visuals throughout show Layke being unapologetically herself--bright colorful lights illuminating a true performer. The several different shots of Layke dancing, singing, and lounging, capture her care-free vibrance, giving off the energy you may feel when being around someone who is happy. While fun to watch play out on the screen, it’s also a song that you may end up closing your eyes to while dancing—so be prepared to listen a few times. 

Layke has a new EP coming out soon, called Frequency. She told me that, “Frequency definitely takes you on a journey. There’s a lot of emotions that run through the songs and what they mean. I wanted people to really feel things, I wanted people to want to get up and change the world around them, and I wanted people to get up and move and have fun dancing.” You can be sure that I’ll be anticipating more of her singles coming out—as should you!

Keep an eye out for the release of the new EP, but for now, go add this song to your favorite playlists!

Written by Sarah Vincent


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