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NEW Music Video: “High Desert” by Acid Cowboy

In celebration of his wife, child, and their family, Acid Cowboy’s (aka Ross Francis) first attempt at directing his own music video “High Desert” exemplifies the magic of motherhood. The video itself finds a way to capture a similar magic, taking place in Joshua Tree National Park. This location, marked by itsstory of survival, resilience, and beauty borne through perseverance,” (National Park Service) is a really smart choice to set as the background for the story Acid Cowboy is telling. The video was released yesterday, Friday, May 8th, but it will be available everywhere on Friday, May 15th.

The opening scene is adorable, the music to back it up is relaxing and fun, and the outfits fit nicely with the background. This music video was cohesive, and I could see the story unfolding. While I’m sure the filming process was one that took shot after shot, it paid off. The end product shares beautiful scenery, a happy family, and a sense of childlike adventure. This song, as Ross tells, was created with the help of his son Cache when he was just a baby. The video is also reflective of Cache’s imagination as you follow the father/son duo on a quest to find a hidden treasure, using a map drawn by Cache. As we come up on Mother’s Day while considering the state of our world, this music video serves as a reminder of the importance of spending time with family. As the video rolls on, the introduction to his wife, in a beautiful dress, surrounded by the beautiful landscape, showcases her as more-or-less, the center of his family. It’s as if she is the hidden treasure that they are looking for. (Let this be a reminder to go and show a mother-figure of yours some love this Sunday!)

I can’t say I wasn’t smiling throughout the video, especially at 2:02 where Cache captures your heart with a smile of his own. This video is the ultimate feel-good video. The music compliments the scenery and the family compliments it all. This is a song to play while sitting out on your back porch, laying out in the sun, or driving with the windows down. “High Desert” will be released on all platforms on Friday, May 15th.

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Article by Sarah Vincent: Chief Editor

Photo Credit: Keith Pratt


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