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Nahko and the Medicine for the People, Ayla Nereo in Tacoma

Our photographer Bret caught Nahko and the Medicine for the People at the Spanish Ballroom in Tacoma, Washington, along with Ayla Nereo! See his photos from the other night below, as well as a recap of the show.

"Tacoma, Washington is often skipped over when it comes to touring bands. With its close proximity to Seattle, bands usually opt to try getting their shows there. Luckily, this has been changing with the recent addition of several great music venues to the city.

Nahko and Medicine for the People chose to do shows both in Seattle and Tacoma. Seeing as the Tacoma show was sold out, this was well worth their effort.

Opening for Nahko and Medicine for the People was the fantastic Ayla Nereo. There likely could not have been a better opener. Her whimsical vocals and upbeat messages set the perfect stage for the headliner. The crowd loved her performance, and it was obvious many people were familiar with her work.

Nahko and Medicine for the People blew the crowd away. Seldom have I ever attended such a good-vibes concert with so much audience engagement. The crowd knew the words, the messages of the band's songs, and were there to participate.

Nahko played an almost two-hour set that included soft piano music, an electric violin solo resembling an electric guitar whaling, and anti-establishment ballads that had everyone dancing. The show was fantastic and won't be one forgotten by those in attendance."

Photographed and Written by Bret Stein


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