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MCR announces comeback tour, and none of us are ok (but especially this girl)

“Wanna write something emo about the MCR thing that just happened :^)?” Renee texts me, but I have no idea what she is referring too. Confusion and anticipation now bubble inside me. Of course, I have been following all news about My Chemical Romance and the shows they have scheduled, but I had not heard anything new.

“It’s vital to your-well being that you watch. I won’t spoil it for you,” she says to me but I’m standing in line at the grocery store. I wait until I’m home, in a comfortable place with no distraction, and find the video.

My immediate reaction: creepy! spooky! yes! My inner monologue chants, “M-C-R! M-C-R!” I can hear the music of songs I love lightly in the background, playing tribute to the songs we all know and miss. I see glimpses of music videos I used to search on YouTube when no one was home because I feared the content would warrant disapproval from my parents (little did I know they’d grow to love MCR just as much as I). I didn’t know exactly what this 13 minute long video would be, but I could tell immediately that it would be done artistically and with specific intentions. Something truly and wholly MCR.

I remember the first My Chemical Romance song I ever heard. It was also the first music video by them I’d ever seen. When 5:13 came around, I felt immediate chills travel from my fingertips where I held the phone all the way up my neck and down my spine. I was brought back to being a little 7-year-old girl (yes, you read that correctly) sitting on the bed in my older cousin’s bedroom, eyes glued to the screen as a beautiful ballerina danced at her own funeral. What little girl wouldn’t love that?

Shortly after pulling myself out of that memory the music shifts, I find myself swaying to the rhythmic beeping of The End, waiting for Gerard’s voice to sweep in and force me to somehow feel empty. We see some newer My Chemical Romance with the scene in the desert, the progression making it obvious that something good is coming. When the end credits seem to be coming about, I squeeze my knuckles in tight to the palm of my hand, waiting to see the date of a show in Boston scroll by. It doesn't take long before it does. I want to cry.

I think about the time I almost got to see them in concert, but was told that because I was so young, I might not fit into the environment and scene. I remember being devastated. I remember when they stopped making music all I could think about was the fact that I had never seen them live, and that was all I wanted.

You see, I think a lot about why I am the way I am artistically, and can’t help but notice the influence MCR had on me. They always highlight the beauty in darkness, gore, and horror. They don’t shy away from the truth about reality. The topics of my writing and the feelings I wish to induce are the same ones that MCR brings about in me.

So yes, Renee, I can write something emo about this exciting news. Because I’m feeling really, really, emo.

Oh, and I better get f*cking tickets.

My Chemical Romance North American Tour Dates

Sept. 9 - Detroit, Michigan at Little Caesars Arena Sept. 11 - St. Paul, Minnesotta Xcel Energy Center Sept. 12 - Chicago, Illinois at Riot Fest Sept. 14 - Toronto, Ontario at Scotiabank Arena Sept. 15 - Boston, Massachusetts at TD Garden Sept. 17 - Brooklyn, New York at Barclays Center Sept. 18 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Wells Fargo Center Sept. 20 - Atlanta, Ga. at Music Midtown Sept. 22 - Newark, N.J. at Prudential Center Sept. 26 - Sunrise, Florida at BB&T Center Sept. 29 - Houston, Texas at Toyota Center Sept. 30 - Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center Oct. 02 - Denver, Colorado at Pepsi Center Oct. 04 - Tacoma, Washington at Tacoma Dome Oct. 06 - Oakland, California at Oakland Arena Oct. 08 - Los Angeles, California at The Forum Oct. 10 - Sacramento, California at Aftershock Festival Oct. 11 - Las Vegas, Nevada at T-Mobile Arena

Written by Sarah Vincent


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