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Lund Bros at the Spanish Ballroom in Tacoma, Washington

Beginning as a cover band, brothers Chris and Sean Lund have been rocking in Tacoma and the surrounding area for decades. Not content to only play other’s work the brother set off over 20 years ago to make their mark in music and have a lot of fun along the way. Ten albums later the brothers are still going strong.

This past Monday the Spanish Ballroom saw the brothers return to the stage after years of only sporadic shows and long-time fans were ecstatic.

Kicking off the night’s music was Tacoma-local Gavin Guss. Gavin couldn’t have set the tone for the night better. With lyrically-driven songs inspired by Tacoma’s Union Station, the Olympic Peninsula, and his experiences in the area Gavin truly brought the show close to home.

Gavin’s solo act of singing, piano, and guitar was a welcome and mellow beginning to the evening.

Gavin Guss

Following Gavin was Seattle-based band Wish Mission who brought up the tempo, playing the middle ground between Gavin Guss and Lund Bros. Keeping their music simple but upbeat Wish Mission and their music was welcomed and loved by the crowd.

Wish Mission

Once Wish Mission finished, a significantly-fuller room eagerly welcomed Lund Bros back to the Tacoma stage.

Once Wish Mmission finished, a significantly-fuller room eagerly welcomed Lund Bros back to the Tacoma stage.inued to produce music through the decades. Upbeat and catchy the Lund Bros bring the vibes of classic rock while being distinctively their own.

After a fantastic hour of playing—especially by the band’s newly-acquired bassist Kevin Tone, a former guitar student of Chris’—the band left the stage much to the dismay of the crowd who was still ready for more. Fortunately the Lund Bros will be back on a stage in only two weeks to keep their promise of returning to live shows.

Lund Bros

Photos and article by Bret Stein


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