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Kid Smoko’s new single “So Bad” is quite the opposite

Starting off with a strong, energetic opening, Kid Smoko’s August 14th single, So Bad, brings some life back into an otherwise very slow summer. This is their second single to drop this year, following the release of Like Me Now featuring singer, model, and influencer, Selah Marley. Coming out of New Jersey in 2019, Kid Smoko is an up-and-coming music group made up of (below from left to right) Sam Berkley (guitar), Michael Ferranti (producer, engineer, bass, drums), Michael Burke (vocals), Declan Martins (guitar), and Matt Salort (vocals). They have been described by The McGill Tribune as having, “catchy pop melodies, grand guitar solos, and sticky, stand-out production,” which all ring true with the release of this new song.

Photo by Peyton Hassler

“So Bad” explores a new sound as it meshes the familiarity of Kid Smoko’s debut LP Not Your Son with new hyperpop and hip-hop sounds. Kid Smoko is fully self-produced, doing everything from audio, to writing, engineering, video creation, and their own cover art (featured below). The completion of this song happened during quarantine, in which the group took advantage of the time to experiment with their sound and create something unique.

The song shows the group’s dedication and commitment to one-upping themselves -- it has layers, and as you listen, they continue to peel themselves off to reveal something brand new. The consistent drumline holds the piece together as it dips in and out of different sounds, allowing for experimental sounds to come to the forefront. The combination and contrast of focused hyperpop vocals mixed with the deeper, more nonchalant, untouched vocals reminds the listener that when it comes to Kid Smoko, their talent is not contained to one specific niche. With five minds working towards creating their music, their final projects are bound to have a unique sound. 

Cover art by Kid Smoko

If you’ve not listened to Kid Smoko, get on it. Their sound is both refreshing and nostalgic, allowing you to feel a range of emotions when listening, and it’s not something you want to get behind on. I hope you’re already looking forward to their next release as much as I am. 

You can follow Kid Smoko on Instagram and Spotify, as well as stream So Bad on all your favorite platforms!


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