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Hate Me (Sometimes) - Stand Atlantic: Single Review

Like contemporary artists Against the Current, Tonight Alive, and PVRIS, Stand Atlantic are put into the categories of Warped Tour regulars (rest in peace) that will inevitably be compared to Paramore. To everyone’s overwhelming dismay, Warped Tour is in the past, and Stand Atlantic has a new single, “Hate Me (Sometimes)”. This song is about 115% neon, and I love it; it’s energetic and fun, and the band could not be tighter. The bass slaps. There is an overall rhythmic tightness and plenty to like about the song. Bonnie Fraser is a great vocalist who sounds a bit like Kelen Keller, which is easy to say since they have the same vocal range. I did find myself wishing the intro riff happened more times in the song. In its place are a little too many different parts. Stand Atlantic moved on from the intro after the second verse, but I didn’t. It’s a good thing the chorus is as catchy as it is, but even then, the chorus at the end with a single finger plucked sounded way too out of nowhere to work. But that’s okay. Overall, “Hate Me (Sometimes)” is a certified banger, and you’ll agree too.


Review by Gabe Straight


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