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“Green Eyes” and “Rose” by Brucey Boi out now

Is there anything better than one single being released by the artist you like? Yes: TWO singles being released by the artist you like in ONE week! Brucey Boi, an LA-based up-and-coming musician with a love for reworking unconventional sounds into music that I’d describe as psychedelic pop, just released two singles, Rose” and “Green Eyes”, off his upcoming album Mr. Neville's Palace of Feathers.

Brucey Boi found his love for making music after locking himself away with a keyboard his freshman year of college. He now fully produces his music, writing the lyrics, playing each instrument, and putting it together in Garage Band. I was lucky enough to sit down for a Zoom interview with Brucey Boi to talk a bit more about these two new singles, his upcoming album, and some future projects.

I had assumed that COVID-19 would have caused a riff in his plans to finish up and release his album this year, but when he showed me all of his instruments surrounding him and said, “so this is my studio,” I was extremely surprised. And my shock continued as he stated that in the process of creating this album over the last two and a half years, he has written 84 complete songs. Where I thought the creation might have been the hardest part, it was actually in picking out which songs would make the final cut. He said that, “A large part of it was that the songs I picked out sounded very cohesive together, and had similar styles of writing.” On “Green Eyes”, one of the new singles he released this week, while it doesn’t sound the exact same as the other songs off the album, the mood it evokes is meant to be the same. “Rose” is something that his fans may recognize, as it’s similar to his first ever release “Blah”, but it still fits into his new sound. 

His new album, which will be coming out in September, takes inspiration from artists such as Beach House, Homeshake, and Warpaint. He told me about a time where he saw Warpaint in concert and was, “absolutely hypnotized...under a spell.” This effect is one he wishes to have on his fans: “When people come to my show, I want them to feel how Warpaint made me feel.” My younger self kept thinking about how Owl City used to make me feel, and I could feel a similar energy. Something that I got from talking with Brucey Boi, is that he wants his music to give off energy that evokes a plethora of emotions—there is nothing one-dimensional about his sound. It is a journey in itself, which makes me excited to hear his full album. 

I suggest listening to these songs while riding shot gun in the car (so that you can close your eyes), while swinging in a hammock that comfortably sits under the shade, or while you unwind for the evening after a long day. The sounds are mesmorizing and like something you may not hear that frequently. It’s music that makes a point to stand out and be different. 

Be on the look out for Brucey Boi’s debut album Mr. Neville's Palace of Feathers coming out this September and be sure to stream his two new singles, “Rose” and “Green Eyes”.

You can follow Brucey Boi on instagram and stream his music on Spotify at the links below

Written by Sarah Vincent


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