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Granite State - Townies: Single Review

The local music scene has two categories for bands. We either have no idea who the bands are, or the members are our best friends and we’re sitting in with them next Saturday at Alchemy. When it comes to the latter bands, I find it hard to not hesitate saying something bad or negative about their music. It’s not like you can avoid them for long before you’re in the same pit as them and things get awkward. This being my first local review as apart of the mighty powers that be at Troika, I wanted to preface it by saying the opinions of one kid in his parent’s house with Google Docs does not undermine the creative effort and pure passion that band needed to get it played on that kid’s Spotify. If you the reader disagree with me, go out and by all means go to their next show and keep the local scene alive. We need more people like you, and thank you.

The newest single from a group of kids the parents from Footloose would call “miscreants” (and that’s a compliment) Townies will be out soon. It took a lot of snooping and back-doors connections, but I got access to it extra early. Just kidding, the band sent the song to us, but you already knew that.

There is plenty to like right off the bat. The opening riff reminds me of American Football’s “Never Meant” if they used more distortion. The anticipations patterned throughout the riff provide exhibit A for Townie’s overall tightness. Whether on purpose or not, the lo-fi productions set the stage for a comfortable fit in any 2010’s alt rock playlist, something for driving around town or put in the background while hanging out. I also appreciate the band’s attempt to throw the listener some curveballs. It’s not a straight pop punk track. Plenty of rhythms and arrangements keeps the listener on their toes.

“Granite State” ends with an outro that I hear every time and think “that’s a transition into a final chorus”. The hardcore elements towards the end of the track take up more space in the song than fit in. As for the vocal melodies, the verses don’t pack a punch like I hoped they would (the choruses, however, do, and that’s more important). Speaking of vocals, Tom Lynch brings a genuine rawness to “Granite State”, despite the less-than-perfect pitch.

No one would have to look hard to find someone who will like both Townies and “Granite State”. When push comes to shove, this is a damn good song by a tight and interesting band. Pop punk is a hard genre to keep interesting, and while they might not stick the landing, the flips they did on the fall will impress even the most uptight of Footloose parents. Check it out before your friend shows you them first.


Written by Gabe Straight


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