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Five post-apocalyptic video games to ease your quarantine

Day whatever of quarantine, and it seems like there are not enough happy, bright distractions in the world to keep us busy. How many cringey Animal Crossing villagers can I report to Isabelle before I feel like I am turning into one myself? While the end of this weird and dissonant time will surely be in sight soon, it does feel like the world has come to a stop. 

While we wait patiently for the day we are once again allowed in the sun, what better way to spend our time than immersing ourselves in video games with the same apocalyptic vibe of which we are experiencing?

So, bored internet scrollers, here are five post-apocalyptic themed video games to keep you busy this pandemic season.

1. Doom Eternal

If you thought Animal Crossing was the only iconic game drop in March, think again. Doom Eternal is one of the most highly anticipated FPS style video games of the year. It combines aspects of horror and heavy metal for the perfect modern warrior experience. The attention to detail is phenomenal, with little details (like the guitars in the Fortress of Doom that every player would kill for) tying the experience up perfectly like one would with a monster from the game itself. If I could award one company for catering the most to their audience,

the production team behind Doom Eternal takes the cake.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

Let’s move on to the game that gave playstation players bragging rights over their exclusives. Horizon Zero Dawn is an action based role-playing game set in a beautifully crafted open world. The build up at the beginning of the game does a fantastic job of guiding the player through the start of the storyline. This lightly-guided feeling exists throughout the game, offering the player just enough clues to see them through the twists and turns of a young girl named Aloy exploring the remnants of a world inexplicably different than the community she grew up in. Seeing the dynamic landscape through Aloy's perspective provides a sense of familiarity as you navigate your way through the game, fighting half-robotic half-animalistic creatures to reach an ending that is worth every step of the way.

3. The Last Of Us

While on the topic of fantastic playstation exclusives, The Last Of Us is a must when it comes to post-apocalyptic masterpieces. Where Horizon excels in its world building, this game provides brilliant characterization of its two main characters, Ellie and Joel. In a similar vein to the recent God of War duo, the two present an authentic representation of non-compatible characters building an endearing relationship out of hardship. It is difficult to not develop an attachment to these in-game characters, bridging a real connection between player and game.

4. Fallout 4

This one is probably the most obvious of picks. Actually, the whole series is fantastic, and we do have the time to play through the whole thing. However, for those of us who don’t want to play the same series for the entire quarantine, we say start with Fallout 4. The world is huge and offers a truly immersive and versatile backdrop with a multitude of pathways. If you are the type of player who wants to follow through a linear storyline to get to the end, you can do that as well, making this game a multifaceted choice bound to match up with your own play style. Just remember to save your bottle caps.

5. Darksiders III

This game may not have the graphics of Horizon Zero Dawn or the versatility of Fallout 4, but it still deserves its place in this list. The idea behind Darksiders III is that of the traditional (more biblical) apocalypse theme: four horseman, cardinal sins, you get the idea. It has the action to maintain your excitement, and it is on the more challenging side for lovers of games like Dark Souls that have you grinding the day away for the fun of it.

Written by Caroline Moll

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