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Andy Shauf live in Winnipeg

Storytelling folk artist Andy Shauf made his way back to Winnipeg on Wednesday for a sold out show alongside Molly Sarlé for his Neon Skyline tour.

Having been my first time hearing Molly, I was blown away by her effortless ability to engage with her audience. Not only was her music enough to fully absorb the crowd in maintaining a close listen - her genuine, witty commentary in between songs kept listeners captivated and interested to hear what would come next. A key highlight for me was hearing her backstory behind her “Karaoke Angel”.

Molly Sarlé

After Molly’s set, the lights began to dim and we were presented with soft, red neon lights for Andy’s entrance to the stage. The red ring in the centre of the stage made for a very aesthetically pleasing presentation. Excitement arose across the entire venue as he began his performance. With a perfect blend of songs from his new album “Neon Skyline” as well as favourites from “The Party” and then some, fans were ecstatic to sway their bodies and bop their heads as Andy and his band flawlessly brought the room together.

Andy Shauf

Photos and write up by Carly Boomer


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