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5 Much Anticipated Video Games For 2020

With a year of gaming behind us, we have an entire twelve months of new releases to look forward to! From new series' additions, to continuations of franchises, and (thankfully) a bit of brand new content, we are basically flooded by video games ready to accept all of our money being thrown their way. Here are a few top choices from some of 2020's most anticipated new games!

Ghost of Tsushima

Known for its long (like, really long) trailer that premiered at the Los Angeles Game Awards, Ghost of Tsushima is being praised for its ability to gain attention as new intellectual property, rather than being the next piece of a series or franchise. It is an open world game set in 1274 packed with tons of action and adventure. Everything from the graphics to the soundtrack is incredibly crafted, nailing a beautiful aesthetic. If nothing else, watching someone else play this game for hours would be deeply satisfying with visuals like this.

The Last of Us Part II

With the release date approaching, and a new one months away, this game has had its fair share of hype. Rightfully so, however, given the original success of the first. Players can expect tons of suspense and high stakes in this action-adventure game set five years after its predecessor. Writer Neil Druckmann defended the trailer’s controversial violence, stating “we're making a game about the cycle of violence and we’re making a statement about violent actions and the impact they have”. Young people be warned, this is definitely one for the adults in the room.

Gods and Monsters

Don’t worry, we aren’t only talking about PS4 exclusives here. Gods and Monsters is another open world game, this time with a storybook element to it. The game aims to pull its player right into it, absorbing them into the fantasy world that the title insinuates. You become a hero of your own creation, fighting monsters and solving puzzles as you adventure through the Isle of the Blessed. From the same creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this game is in good company, and has many eyes looking in its direction.

Cyberpunk 2077

From the creators of The Witcher series, Cyberpunk 2077 brings us another create-your-own hero open world game, similar to Gods and Monsters. Except, instead of hero, think mercenary...and instead of storybook, think dystopian (okay, so they really aren’t similar at all). This first person experience places you into the role of V, a mercenary from Night City. The customization options on this character are rumoured to be nearly endless, ranging widely in everything from appearance, to backstory, to various in-game stats. The story itself is full of violence, chaos, and a whole lot of shooting. And, if this wasn’t enough, you can look forward to a much anticipated appearance from the one and only Keanu Reeves.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Finally, no list of anticipated games would be complete without the newest release from the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and, if nothing else, this game certainly appeals to our’s. This mainstream life simulation video game calls for little to no background information, as most everyone knows exactly what they will be getting from it: animals, home construction, Isabelle...not many surprises expected. However, this release is getting praise for its push for more diversity, such as new skin colors and gender identities. 

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